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The following work: "Promoting the Rule of Law - Handbook for Research and Practice” was made possible by project funding from the Federal Foreign Office. This publication comprises approximately 500 pages, and was created by roughly 70 authors who are involved in the promotion of the rule of law in politics, in their daily practical work or through their academic activities, who outlined the support of partner states in the legal sphere from different perspectives. The work was published by Prof. Dr Matthias Kötter, Dr Tilman J. Röder, Dr Jens Deppe, Dr Julie Trappe, and Dr Tilman Schneider.

IRZ is represented in the handbook with the article "Promoting the Rule of Law by the BMJV", which was jointly written by Dr Stefan Hülshörster, Managing Director of IRZ and Dr Stefan Pürner, Head of Section at IRZ. The contribution presents the guiding principles and structures for the promotion of the rule of law in the Ministry of Justice and explains the project work which was funded by a grant. The importance of needs orientation, flexibility and staying power are particularly emphasised.

Anne Katharina Zimmermann, Head of the Department of German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) at the Federal Ministry of Justice, also co-authored a contribution to the handbook on rule of law dialogues and other forms of dialogue.

The contribution is part of the ongoing expert monitoring of the activities of IRZ itself. Within this framework, staff members participate in events for the expert monitoring of the legal transformation or contribute scientific articles in this field.


Handbook "Promoting the Rule of Law - Handbook for Research and Practice” as an e-book