Azerbaijan - annual report 2017

Legal Policy Situation

Talks were held in 2017 with the Azerbaijani Ministry of Justice and other judicial institutions in Baku in order to discuss the resumption of bilateral measures and possible projects. The interlocutors on the Azerbaijani side expressed their appreciation of the IRZ’s earlier work and expressed their interest in a resumption of the cooperation. As already reported in the Annual Report 2016, there have been no events held in Azerbaijan since 2015. The background is a complicated legal situation that makes it difficult for foreign institutions to implement their projects on the ground. This is regrettable because, since 2010, the IRZ has been charged with implementing projects on the rule of law and supporting legal reforms in this member state of the EU’s Eastern Partnership within the framework of a joint declaration between the Ministries of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a result, between 2010 and 2014, the IRZ held various consultations, further training events and conferences with its Azerbaijani governmental and non-governmental partners, particularly in the areas of criminal law and the penitentiary system as well as on constitutional and human rights.

Current situation and outlook

It is a concern of the IRZ to remain in a dialogue with government representatives of Azerbaijan also in the future. This is the only possibility of clarifying the legal framework of cooperation in the foreseeable future in order to be able to decide on the continuation of the projects. In the meantime, however, contacts should be maintained with the numerous qualified legal practitioners.

Fortunately, it was possible to recruit an Azerbaijani civil judge in the year under review for the English-language internship programme for civil and commercial judges conducted by the IRZ in Germany.