IRZ transfers juridical know-how...

For more than 25 years the IRZ has (as a non-profit organization) assisted states in developing rule-of-law structures and implementing functioning market economy structures. In doing so, it constantly develops its strategies and concepts further and adapts them to other states and regions. The IRZ works both by order of and with funding from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection and through project-related funds by the Federal Foreign Office, amongst others. Additionally, the IRZ Foundation implements EU projects which are initiated and funded by the European Commission within the framework of its neighbouring and accession policy.

...into effective bilateral and multilateral projects...

Experts of the IRZ get involved wherever there is a demand for support in establishing constitutional structures based on the rule of law and on democratic principles. In addition they assist states in establishing the basis for private economic activities safeguarded by a functioning civil law system and in approximating the national law to the European Union Law. In our bilateral and multilateral projects we identify the potentials of the local institutions and design consultation concepts tailored to the specific needs of the respective countries.

...with impressive results.

The work of the IRZ is worthwhile in view of the great significance of a rule-of-law oriented international cooperation. The results of our work are impressive.

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Establishment of IRZ

The German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) was established as a registered association in May 1992 on the initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Justice . The establishment was preceded by various inquiries of the transition countries of Central, Eastern and partly also South Eastern Europe asking the Federal Ministry of Justice for assistance in the upcoming reforms.

Almost all transformation states were striving for a rule-of-law democracy, needed to set up a new constitution and in some parts had to build an entirely new state governed by the rule of law on this basis. Since Germany had a model function for many of the above-mentioned states, all the more so as it had made very specific experiences with the unification of the law with the former GDR, German legislative consultation was the first area which was in especially great demand.

What is more, further training events were commenced back then for all legal professions – for judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and notaries. Since then, the IRZ has been supporting its partner countries in the establishment of an independent and well-functioning judicial apparatus, including procedural law foundations, as well as in the harmonisation of their national legal system with European Union law.