Third stakeholder committee meeting of the EURALIUS V project
Third stakeholder committee meeting of the EURALIUS V project

On 24 July 2019, the third stakeholder committee meeting took place in Tirana within the framework of the EURALIUS V project, which is implemented by the IRZ as leading partner. At the biannual meeting, the expert team summed up the work of the past months and presented its plan for the next six months. The corresponding EURALIUS V progress report was adopted.

The participants were, amongst others:

  • Fjoralba Caka, Deputy Minister of Justice of Albania,
  • Xhezair Zaganjori, President of the Supreme Court,
  • Arta Marku, Public Prosecutor General,
  • representatives of the EU delegation in Albania, of the embassies representing the consortium and
  • representatives of the consortium and of all judicial institutions cooperating within the EURALIUS project, including the School of Magistrates and the newly established judicial institutions, the High Judicial Council and the High Council of Prosecution.

At the same time, the constitutional changes and the beginning of the judicial reform in Albania three years ago were commemorated, when work started on a comprehensive reform package comprising 40 laws. The IRZ contributed a major part to it within the predecessor project EURALIUS IV.

Despite the ongoing vetting procedure, i.e. the review of judges and public prosecutors, it was possible for some of the new judicial institutions to start work in early 2019. These are strongly supported by EURALIUS through capacity building and the drafting of internal regulations.

All participants appreciated the work of the EURALIUS team very much and requested further support measures.

Project description: EURALIUS V

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