IRZ NPR publication – “a journal uniting South-East Europe”

Published: October 24, 2016

For seven years now, the IRZ has been using funds from the German Federal Foreign Office allocated to the Stability Pact for South-East Europe to publish the „Neue juristische Umschau: Zeitschrift für regionales, deutsches und europäisches Recht“, alongside the German-Bosnian-Herzegovinian Lawyers' Association (DBHJV) and the Society for the Study and Reception of German Law based in Serbia, in the former Yugoslavian states. This is a journal of regional, German and European law known locally as “Nova pravna revija: časopis za domaće, njemačko i evropsko pravo” or NPR for short.

When last year’s issue came out, a comprehensive and very positive review written by Slobodan Vukadinović appeared in the well-reputed Serbian legal journal “Pravni Zapisi”. One of the members of the international Board of Editors for the journal is the Serbian judge at the ECtHR in Strasbourg, Dragoljub Popović, (for more information on the journal see here). You can find a complete German translation of the article in the download area: Neue juristische Umschau - anniversary edition of a journal that unites.

The review confirms that the NPR is a successful and well-reputed expert journal, which has been established for more than five years now and is also extremely useful for practitioners. It represents a medium for lasting regional cooperation, bringing together in particular the young legal talents of the future.

The author Slobodan Vukadinović points out in his review that

The NPR is just one of several publications produced or jointly produced by the project team for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia at the IRZ. As well as publishing books, such as the recent translation of the German law on limited liability companies (GmbHG), mention should also be made of the journal “Evropsko Pravo” (European law).

All these publications are available for download from the IRZ and from various project partners: