Participants at the entrance to the Faculty of Law in Zenica
Participants at the entrance to the Faculty of Law in Zenica

From 8 to 10 September, the third regional “Introduction to German law in the local language” block seminar was held at the Faculty of Law in the industrial Bosnian city of Zenica for students from Kragujevac (Serbia), Skopje (Macedonia) and Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The speakers at the event were Prof. Dr. Zlatan Meškić, Zenica, Prof Dr. Slavko Djordjević, Kragujevac, Doz. Dr. Aleksandar Spasov, Skopje, and Dr. Stefan Pürner from the IRZ. The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Enes Bikić, gave the welcoming speech. The IRZ has been working closely with all three of the participating Southeast European faculties and lecturers for many years.

The topics of the seminar were:

  • Legal training in Germany
  • The particularities of the German Civil Code (BGB)
  • The influence of European law on national law
  • National Socialist injustice and the process for dealing with this

When discussing the last topic, the participants and speakers also talked about the fact that there has been a significant failure to address the authoritarian systems in the former regions of Yugoslavia and about the conflicts resulting from the collapse of Yugoslavia. What is particularly encouraging is that, despite the multi-ethnic composition of the seminar, these discussions took place objectively and with mutual respect, which is sadly not always the case in this region.

The event therefore not only made a contribution towards reinforcing the role played by German law in guiding legal transformation, but also contributed towards the normalisation of expert discussions. The seminar represented a great opportunity for the young legal talent in the region to make and maintain contacts.