Ambassador Christian Hellbach (centre left) in discussions with Rector Muharem Avdispahić (centre right)Ambassador Christian Hellbach (centre left) in discussions with Rector Muharem Avdispahić (centre right)

The seventh "Day of German Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina" was held in Sarajevo on 11 December 2015. This series of events, which has been organised since 2009 by the IRZ and the German-Bosnian-Herzegovinian Lawyers' Association (DBHJV), together with a different faculty in the country each year, regularly sheds light on the similarities and interactions between the law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other states in the region, and German and European law.

Participants in this year's event at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo included, as well as many students, academics and practitioners, high-ranking representatives of IRZ project partners. Amongst these, for example, were the Presidents of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the Chamber of Notaries for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The welcome address in the Faculty of Law's Ceremonial Hall was delivered by the host, Rector Prof. Dr. Muharem Avdispahić, and was followed by a highly-regarded contribution from the German Ambassador, Christian Hellbach, who also addressed the current threats to the constitutional state in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He pointed out that the regional approach of this event is in harmony with the objectives of the "Berlin Process", which aims to bring the Western Balkan countries closer to the EU, partly by increasing the professional cooperation between each of these countries, which do not yet belong to the EU.

Some of the topics covered during the seventh "Day of German Law" included:

  • fighting organised crime,
  • private bankruptcy,
  • trust,
  • consumer protection,
  • real estate law and
  • private international law.

Critical issues such as setbacks and wrong turns in legal reform and the role of civil law as a means to discriminate against Jews during the National Socialist era were also covered. The speakers were (in alphabetical order): Prof. Dr. Slavko Djordjević, Serbia; Prof. Dr. Tatjana Josipović, Croatia; Prof. Dr. Zlatan Meškić and Prof. Dr. Meliha Povlakić, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Dr. Stefan Pürner, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Helmut Rüßmann and Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Friedrich-Christian Schroeder, Germany; Dr. Darja Softić-Kadenić, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The event, which was widely covered by the local media, was also the occasion to present the five-year bound version of the regional legal journal, "Nova Pravna Revija", which thanks to an additional bilingual index section and special German language abridged editions makes research work easier and also gives German-speaking readers a deeper insight into the wide spectrum covered by this newspaper. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christa Jessel-Holst, a former speaker on South-East Europe at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg, points out that the journal has developed impressively over the past five years to become a comprehensive regional medium.

The index and German abridged editions for all the issues of the NPR published between 2010 and 2014 are available for download from the IRZ website: All editions of the NPR 2010-2014 along with detailed index.