EU Technical Assistance

Team Leader: Mojca Grošelj
Responsible at the IRZ: Teresa Thalhammer, Nadine Peetz

The web presence of the project:

In a consortium led by the Spanish partner Altair, the IRZ was awarded the commission for the “PLAC” project, which falls in the sphere of the financial instrument IPA, in the summer of 2016. The main beneficiary of this project, which is important for the country’s accession to the EU, is the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia. The project has a budget volume of around EUR 2.6 million and a duration of 30 months. It builds on preceding PLAC projects in Serbia and aims to further approximate Serbian institutions and statutes to the EU: In the course of approximation to the EU, this involves the chapters opened in the accession negotiations with the EU, also including the important Chapter 24 (Justice, Freedom and Safety).


Funded by the European Union