EU Twinning

Project Manager: Javier Vera Roa
Junior Project Manager Germany: Karin Friehe
Junior Project Manager Denmark: Søren Christian Thomsen
RTA: Pedro Cartagena Abella
Responsible at the IRZ: Katharina Tegeder, Andreea Pop

The IRZ is a junior partner in the organisation of the EU twinning project “Supporting and upgrading the institutional, technical and raising awareness capabilities of the Egyptian Patent Office (EGPO)”, which has been led since the beginning of this year by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (project leader), alongside the Danish Patent and Trademark Office as another junior partner. The project is due to run for 24 months with a budget of EUR 1.5 million.

The EU twinning project is set to improve the technical and institutional capabilities of the Egyptian Patent Office, in order to increase the number of patent applications and improve the protection of intellectual property in Egypt. Another objective is to bring together the academic world with small and medium-sized enterprises and to familiarise them with patent application in compliance with EU standards. The IRZ will focus in particular on the following subjects:

  • The development of guidelines and handbooks for the various departments of the Egyptian Patent Office to help them optimise their work processes
  • Further training for patent examiners

The first step will be to develop specific guidelines for the acceptance, processing and issue of patent applications and for the execution of everyday work processes and to bring these into line with the relevant legal provisions of the EU and with the practices and standards of patent offices in EU member states. Secondly, once the training requirement for patent examiners has been established, the relevant training courses will follow. 

The IRZ will support these project requirements by regularly sending experts from the German Federal Patent Court and from the German Trademark and Patent Office to Cairo. These experts will train Egyptian patent examiners in training sessions, workshops and seminars.

Funded by the European Union