EU service contract

Team Leader: Andrès Salcedo Velasco
Responsible at the IRZ: Özlem Olbrich, Franziska Simon

The Euromed Justice III project, which was implemented by the IRZ as one of four consortium partners, had a total budget of just over 5 million Euro. It was successfully completed in May 2015, after being extended by a total of six months.

The overarching goal of the project was to enhance and intensify the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in judicial cooperation. The main topics here were access to justice and legal counsel, cooperation in cross-border family conflicts, as well as criminal law and the law on the prison system. The IRZ contributed to the project by seconding short-term experts to various workshops.

The target countries were Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Syria and Tunisia. The project was temporarily suspended in Syria because of the current political developments.

Amongst other things, large numbers of manuals concering the abovementioned topics were elaborated, translated into several languages and published. The EU appears to envision continuing the project as EuroMed Justice IV.



Funded by the European Union