Keyexperts: Dr. Klaus-Peter Busch, Daniel Radke

Responsible at the IRZ: Dr Julie Trappe, Christian Schuster

The aim of the project, which ran for almost two years until November 2014, was to improve cooperation between public notaries and judges in cross-border matters. Together with its partners, the IRZ therefore offered further training in family law and inheritance law. Attention focused on relevant European regulations and on the case-law in these fields. The IRZ’s partners in this project were the Romanian Ministry of Justice, as a senior partner, the National Union of Public Notaries of Romania, the Council of the Notaries of the European Union and the Italian Foundation of Notaries (Fondazia Italiana del Notariato). Two conferences and six further training seminars formed part of the project. Furthermore, a practical guide was drafted both for notaries and for judges.


Funded by the European Union