Zuständig bei der IRZ: Özlem Olbrich, Nadine Spenke


The objective of the project is to strengthen the Libyan Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice. The project is mainly implemented by the international organisation IMG, with the IRZ acting as a subcontractor of IMG and being responsible for the judicial component. Further sub-contractors of IMG are the Italian Ministry of the Interior, CIVI.POL from France and NI-CO from the United Kingdom. Relevant aspects of the judicial component are strengthening the court administration and improving the training of prison officers as well as re-establishing and strengthening the Judicial Academy. The project started in December 2012, has a term of three years and a total budget of 10 million Euro, of which the IRZ is to spend roughly 660,000
Euro. The European Commission however decided in October 2014 to suspend the project until further notice since the growing political instability and the ever worsening situation prevented its correct, safe implementation.


Funded by the European Union