EU twinning

Junior Project Leader: Karin Friehe
Responsible at the IRZ: Melek Keskin, Dr Julie Trappe

The IRZ was involved in the twinning project as junior partner of the Greek European Public Law Center (EPLC) together with a further junior partner, the International Foundation of Administration and Public Policies of Spain (FIIAPP), on the European side. On the Azerbaijani side, the project partner was the authority which is responsible for copyright, namely the Copyright Agency. The implementation phase of the project took 18 months and was successfully concluded in the summer of 2013. In addition to several deployments of German short-term experts, the IRZ organised a study visit for a judge from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan and three senior civil servants from various Azerbaijani authorities working in the area of copyright. The study visit took them to two cities which on the one hand count among the most beautiful in Germany and on the other hand among the most interesting in terms of copyright-related problems, namely to Hamburg and to Berlin. In Hamburg the participants were able to gather information at Hamburg Regional Court on current case-law in the area of copyright and to gain an impression of the copyright-related problems of a public service broadcaster in the legal department of the Northern German Public Radio (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, NDR). Furthermore, they had the opportunity to attend an oral hearing at the 12th civil chamber of Hamburg Regional Court and obtain an impression of the problems related to the enforcement of intellectual property rights and industrial property rights. In Berlin there was a working visit to the Society for the Prosecution of Copyright Infringement (GVU), in which in particular the film and video as well as the software entertainment industry, and publishers and various associations, have come together as a self-help association in order to enforce the rights of their members in cooperation with the police and the public prosecution offices. At Berlin Regional Court, the participants discussed practical questions related to the enforcement of copyright in Germany. Specific questions of copyright were the subject of the working visit to the Federal Ministry of Justice. The study visit was rounded off by a visit to the Berlin headquarters of the GEMA, which manages the copyrights of more than 65,000 members.


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