EU Technical Assistance

Team leader: Erik Svanidze
Responsible at the IRZ: Özlem Olbrich, Nadine Spenke

The aim of the project was to accelerate the reform of the justice sector in the Republic of Moldova, with a focus on the coordination of the justice reform amongst the participating ministries and institutions.

The main protagonist and at the same time the main beneficiary was the Moldovan Ministry of Justice. The project primarily supported the development of a justice reform strategy and a plan of action. The IRZ was the junior partner with ALTAIR (Spain). Further junior partners were ICON from Germany and the Moldovan Institute for Criminal Justice Reforms.

The project, which had a budget volume of around EUR 2.2 million, started in April 2013 for a duration of three years and was finalised by the end of 2016.


Funded by the European Union