EU twinning

Junior Project Leader: Prof. Thorsten Heyer
Responsible at the IRZ: Melek Keskin, Dr. Julie Trappe

The IRZ implemented the above twinning project in Turkey, which had a budget of two million Euro, together with the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) from September 2011 to July 2013. The cooperation partners were the Austrian "Security Academy (SIAK)" and the "Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM)". The IRZ and the Federal Criminal Police Office acted as the project leaders, and were responsible for coordinating the German short-term experts from the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Hesse Police Academy (HPA), as well as the University of Applied Sciences of the Federation, for roughly 650 project days. Once the first two phases of the project had been completed, police service regulations were developed for the topical fields of leadership, tactical communication, crowd control and use of force, which are to apply to the entire Turkish police in future. They were imparted to 425 multipliers in a total of 16 one-week training courses at eight different locations in Turkey. Within the obligatory monitoring by the Commission of the European Union which takes place as a rule at the project's half-time period, the project's performance was evaluated as good to very good. The EU delegation particularly stressed both the German-Austrian commitment, and that of the Turkish side, particularly against the background of the difficult, challenging project topic. The twinning project was concluded with a closing event on 26 July 2013, where the German side was represented by Prof. Dr. Heyer for the IRZ as well as for the Federal Criminal Police Office.



Funded by the European Union