In partnership with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a study visit to Kempten and Sonthofen took place in November 2016 on the subject of “Criminal offences. Accelerated procedure. Domestic violence”, in which five judges from various regions of Kazakhstan took part. The event followed on from the seminar in Astana, which also dealt with criminal offences in the penal code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As part of the study visit, the Kazakh guests visited various authorities to find out about the relevant topics at first hand. The respective leaders of the authorities welcomed the guests personally and also took part in the expert talks:

  • Dr. Johann Kreuzpointner, President of the Regional Court
  • Dietmar Herrmann, Director of the Local Court
  • Uwe Erlbeck, Senior Public Prosecutor an
  • Chief of Police Werner Strößner.

The discussions at the Local Court of Sonthofen dealt with the classification of offences and crimes in German criminal law and with the accelerated procedure in practice.

Speakers at the Public Prosecutor’s Office reported on the enforcement of sentences in German criminal law and the various types of sentence. At the Regional Court of Kempten, the delegation learned about protective measures provided by the family court in cases of domestic violence.

Police involvement in domestic violence was discussed at the police headquarters for Swabia South/West. The delegation also learned about the cooperation between the police and various counselling centres. The study visit was rounded off with an opportunity for the Kazakh guests to visit a women’s refuge.