From 23 to 27 May 2016, a delegation from the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited Berlin and Potsdam to learn about the "Legal regulation of demonstrations and manifestations in Germany, measures and means of dealing with disturbances of the peace and riots". The lectures and discussions held during the study visit dealt with the legal regulations concerning the authorisation of demonstrations and assemblies in Germany, as well as the cooperation of authorities working towards ensuring public order during authorised and unauthorised demonstrations and manifestations.

The participants in the delegation were also interested in the policing methods used to maintain public order during manifestations and demonstrations and in methods used to deal with people disturbing the peace.

Those participating in the delegation held talks with experts, including from the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, the Public Prosecutor's Office in Berlin and the police headquarters for the federal state of Brandenburg. In addition, a speaker from the Saxon Centre for Political Education came to Berlin from Dresden to discuss these topics with the Kazakh delegation

The German speakers addressed all the questions from the participants in the delegation and, during the discussions, they were also able to stress the significance and priority given to the right of assembly in Germany, which is a fundamental part of the German constitution. The speaker from the Saxon Centre for Political Education also talked about the opportunities for dialogue against the development of radicalisation movements such as Pegida, and about the process for dealing with critical opinion-forming and decision-making processes in society.

The Kazakh delegation showed a keen interest and was delighted with the wide range of information provided. In these issues, the efforts of the Kazakh partners towards orienting themselves to western – and in particular German - standards are becoming clear.