EU Technical Assistance

Team Leader: Alexius Schubert
Responsible at the IRZ: Teresa Thalhammer, Felix Plaßmann

The IRZ has been involved since October 2018 in the implementation of the “Support to the Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova” project as a partner in a consortium led by the Belgian firm B&S. The project is scheduled to last 38 months and has a budget of EUR 2.7 million. It is part of the EU’s efforts to bring the work of police in Moldova in line with EU or international standards. To achieve this, the EU has introduced a Budget Support Programme for police reform and this new project should now help to achieve its objectives. The main focus should be on the cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police Headquarters as the beneficiary authorities. The project is partly related to the “Support to the Pre-Trial Investigation, Prosecution and Defence Set-Up” project [insert LINK], which was led by the IRZ until the beginning of 2017. The project is divided into six components. 

Component 1

Component 1 is aimed at increasing the efficiency, transparency and professionalism of the police, in particular by helping the police authorities to modernise administrative procedures, develop professional career regulations and a standard, transparent selection and promotion procedure, as well as increasing the number of female police officers. Improved training facilities for police officers also comes under this component. 

Component 2

The second component is about ensuring that the actual police enforcement work is fair, efficient and effective, guaranteeing in particular its legitimacy and lawfulness. This covers the lawful exercise and proper conditions of police custody, as well as the structured organisation of decentralised, local police work, in order to gain more trust and respect in the police from the general population. The skills and integrity of the traffic police should also be improved and their susceptibility to corruption should be systematically tackled. 

Component 3

Component 3 focusses on organised and cross-border crime. Police authorities require the appropriate training and equipment to combat these crimes, as well as improved cooperation between authorities.

Component 4

The fourth component deals with the introduction of a zero tolerance policy with regard to corruption within police forces. 

Components 5 and 6

Components 5 and 6 primarily address the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police Headquarters, which will receive support for their strategic PR and educational work, as well as for the improvement of their internal planning and budgeting processes and procurement.

Funded by the European Union