Participants during the training seminar
Participants during the training seminar

From 23 to 27 July 2018 a training seminar for Moldovan public prosecutors on the topic of communication with the press and media took place in cooperation with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) and with the support of the Public Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Moldova. The seminar was held with the same programme in Bălți, Chisinau und Cahul.

Ulrich Bremer from Germany, the Senior Public Prosecutor and Press Officer of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Cologne, contributed to the event on behalf of the IRZ.

The press officer function has existed for only two years at the Moldovan public prosecutor's offices as a consequence of the reform projects in the field of the code of criminal procedure. So far there has been no regular training for press officers with a concept and a curriculum, not least because there has been a lack of experienced Moldovan experts.

Demand in this field is great and the organisation of such a training seminar was explicitly requested by the Public Prosecutor General’s Office in March 2018 on the occasion of the presentation of a new strategy paper for the development of the prosecutorial services.

75 leading public prosecutors from various regions of Moldova participated in the training seminar. In view of the importance of this topic the Moldovan participants were very interested and became actively involved. The German experts described their personal experience with this issue, which further increased the participants' interest. The methods and techniques for a successful communication with the press were demonstrated in numerous examples from practice. This showed that through successful communication, transparency and the public's trust in the work of the public prosecutors can be increased.

The IRZ will continue to support the reform projects in the field of the Moldovan code of criminal procedure, also with regard to the training of legal practitioners.