During the expert discussions
During the expert discussions

On 18 and 19 October 2018 in Chișinău, the IRZ together with the Moldovan Public Prosecutor's Office, the Association of Judges and the National Institute of Justice organised a practical training session on criminal investigations in the field of economic crimes, involving offshore companies. The event focussed on covert investigation measures and addressed:

  • Employees of anti-corruption authorities,
  • Investigators,
  • Public prosecutors and
  • Judges.

The aim of the training session was to discuss the investigative tools available in accordance with international standards for prosecuting the crimes stated above and the potential for using these in the Republic of Moldova, as well as to detect any problem areas and work on approaches to solving these. Other key points included:

  • The manifestations of economic crime,
  • Cooperation in this area,
  • Extracting suspicions and investigative approaches,
  • Open enforcement measures (searches, seizures, pre-trial custody) and
  • Covert investigations (use of undercover investigators, telephone surveillance).

The Moldovan participants took an active and profitable part in the discussions, asking plenty of questions. The requirements and compulsory content for the justification of prosecutors’ proposals and judges’ decisions on enforcement measures were also addressed and prerequisites for intervention and matters for consideration were discussed in detail.

Representing the German side at the training session were Uwe Stark, a judge at the local court of Siegen, and Andreas Stüve, Senior Public Prosecutor, Düsseldorf Public Prosecutor’s Office.