Participants and the expert during the expert discussions
Participants and the expert during the expert discussions

Working in cooperation with the Moldovan Ministry of Justice and the prison service, the IRZ organised practice-oriented training seminars in the cities of Gojan and Chișinău on 7 and 9 November 2018. These seminars were aimed at training psychologists from Moldovan prisons in the establishment of individual enforcement plans and to prepare for their work in admissions departments. The practical part was followed in each case by expert discussions on the implementation of reforms in the Moldovan prison system.

The advice from the IRZ on these reforms is part of a long-term partnership in the area of prison reform in the Republic of Moldova. A twinning project, which the IRZ led over several years as the responsible institution in the Republic of Moldova, was also part of this long-lasting cooperation, which will now also include intensive support with legislation.

At the start of the training seminar, IRZ expert Silvia Sibyll Hawliczek, Prison Director at the young offenders’ institution in Berlin, provided a short overview of the penal system in Germany, in particular the organisation of admissions departments in prisons. She went on to present an introduction to the topic of diagnosis and prognosis in criminal offences. Afterwards, participants could work in groups to process authentic cases of various criminal offences.

The establishment of individual enforcement plans was one of the first important components of the training course for law enforcement psychologists. However, there continues to be a considerable requirement, since the training takes place over several years before qualification.

The IRZ will organise follow-up events on this subject next year.