Länderbericht Polen 2015

Opening celebrations of the German Law School in Warsaw: guest speaker Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, ret. and now Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG

Strategic framework

Overall concept

The IRZ has gradually reduced its commitment in Poland in recent years to the cooperation with the Warsaw German Law School within the series of lectures on German and European law. It appeared expedient to continue this project – even years after Poland's EU accession – particularly with a view to creating an awareness of German law among young lawyers as well as establishing lasting contacts with young German-speaking Polish lawyers.

As an integrative element of the curriculum of the Faculty of Administration and Law of the University of Warsaw, the series of lectures continues to enjoy considerable repute and appreciation among the professional associations of Polish lawyers. This is because of the high level of expertise maintained in the lectures and of the strict achievement tests to which participants must submit. German industry also sees the project as having considerable significance for young Polish lawyers.

Thirty regular students attended the series of lectures in 2015, which was formally opened by the keynote lecture of Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt on the topic of "Orientation towards the common good in globalisation".

Activity in 2015

  • 19th series of lectures on German and European civil and commercial law at the University of Warsaw, in cooperation with the University of Bonn ("Warsaw German Law School")


At the end this year, the IRZ is obliged to end its bilateral cooperation with Poland despite the successful work since the country has been a member of the EU for several years, and is hence no longer included in the IRZ's mandate as per its Statutes.