Participants of the Conference on the Issue of Women's Rights in CairoParticipants of the Conference on the Issue of Women's Rights in Cairo

On 3 and 4 September 2014 the IRZ organised its second joint conference with the Egyptian NGO "Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE)" in Cairo covering the issue of women's rights.

The participants were Egyptian women (mostly lawyers) from different parts of Egypt who have been involved with women's rights for a long time. The conference focus was on family law including marriage and divorce regulations as well as on the understanding of the notion of the "best interest and welfare of children".

On the German part, the representative of the German Bar Association Dr Birgit Laubach and Regina Schaber of the German Women Lawyers Association gave an account of the German and European experience and approaches in this area.

It is intended to continue the cooperation with EACPE in the field of women's rights beyond 2014 on a long-term basis. In November, for instance, Egyptian women's rights campaigners will visit women's projects in Berlin to obtain some practical inspiration for their work in Egypt. As a matter of fact, the conditions in Germany and the EU are not transferrable to Egypt. But also in Germany major progress in the fight against domestic violence was only made over the past few decades so that the experience obtained on the part of the Egyptian partner organisation in this field are highly appreciated.