Expert discussions with the Moroccan delegation at the BMJV

Expert discussions with the Moroccan delegation at the BMJV

From 22 to 25 May 2017, the IRZ organised a two-day study visit to Berlin on the “Independence of the Judiciary” for a delegation from Morocco. The event for senior public prosecutors, judges and law professionals from other disciplines in the Moroccan Ministry of Justice was part of a project financed by the German Foreign Office (Transformation partnerships with North Africa/the Middle East).

The visit followed on from talks at the last conference, which was held at the Moroccan Judicial Academy in Rabat in April. The subject of judicial independence is an elementary component of the reform agenda for the Moroccan justice system and is a priority for the progress of judicial reform.

The Moroccan guests were extremely interested in discussing judicial independence and in finding out about how it works, using German experience as an example.

The delegation was welcomed to expert talks at the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV). The focus here was on the “Independence of the Judiciary in Germany”. Particular attention was paid to the composition of courts in Germany, judges’ salaries in Germany, the work of judges at the BMJV and the legal framework for judges.

Further expert discussions held at the Local Court of Berlin-Tiergarten dealt with many other topics concerning judges:

  • Training judges,
  • The independence of judges in practice,
  • Professional ethics for judges
  • Financing issues,
  • Court reporters,
  • Judicial supervision,
  • Disciplinary measures and
  • Dealing with the media.       

The last port of call for the delegation was the German Association of Judges, where judges’ official duties, E-Justice and the limitations of judicial independence were discussed.

The Moroccan guests showed a great deal of interest, actively taking part in the exchange of experiences by asking lots of questions and making remarks. They were able to discuss various topics intensively during the talks, allowing them to gain a deep insight into the way the courts work in Germany.

Nevertheless, there is still a need to discuss the independence of the judiciary further and in more depth. The IRZ and the German Federal Foreign Office will continue to support the reform efforts in the Moroccan justice system and provide advisory services.