The IRZ has been instructed with the implementation of projects for the rule of law and support for legal reform in Azerbaijan on the basis of a Joint Declaration by the German Federal Ministry of Justice at the time and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 2010, numerous consultations, training sessions and conferences have taken place in cooperation with state and non-state partners in Azerbaijan, mainly focusing on the areas of constitutional law/human rights, criminal law and the penitentiary system.

In 2016, the IRZ carried out no new events in Azerbaijan, as in the preceding year. The reason for this is the continuingly difficult situation for foreign organisations wishing to implement projects in Azerbaijan. It is nevertheless important for the IRZ to maintain its legal cooperation with the country. This was successful in the reporting year through the involvement of interested lawyers who participated in multilateral programmes of the IRZ:

Firstly, the IRZ invited a young lawyer to the IRZ summer school on “German law” in Brühl and Bonn. In addition to this, two judges from Azerbaijan participated in an English-language internship of the IRZ for civil and commercial judges in Germany.

As in the preceding year, the IRZ hopes for a change in the local framework conditions in order to be able to continue its earlier work.

Download the entire IRZ annual report in PDF format here: annual report 2016.