Newsletter on ECtHR case law in Macedonian and Albanian

The latest edition of the newsletter on case law at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), published by the IRZ together with the Macedonian government agent at the Strasbourg Court, is hot off the press.

This newsletter is specifically targeted at fulfilling the requirements of Macedonian legal practice. Therefore, in addition to summaries of the decisions taken against Macedonia, it also includes information about judgements against other countries on topics that are also highly significant in Macedonia. As well as in Macedonian, the newsletter is also published in the language of the Albanian minority population.

The newsletter is distributed in print format by the Macedonian government agent at the ECHR, as project partner, so that all Macedonian judges receive the newsletter in their own mother tongue.

In its HUDOC Internet database, the ECHR also supplies summaries of the judgements in both languages for download, with specific reference to the IRZ.

This means that the content of the newsletter is also accessible to people who keep themselves informed on the ECHR website in Macedonian or Albanian.

As the newsletter is already in its third year, it has become very well known amongst Macedonian law professionals.

The ECHR has already emphasised the cooperation with the IRZ in the "Information Note on the Court's case-law/ Note d'information sur la jurisprudence de la Cour” in an extensive report, citing it as a good example of joint activities.