On 28 May 2019 the IRZ took part in expert discussions in Sarajevo on “Disciplinary law for judges and public prosecutors“ at the Disciplinary Public Prosecutor’s Office for Judges and Public Prosecutors. The Disciplinary Public Prosecutor’s Office is an independent organisational unit within the High Council of Judges and Public Prosecutors. The IRZ was welcomed by several discplinary public prosecutors led by the Disciplinary Public Prosecutor General, Mirza H. Omerović. The Director of the Local Court of Wolfratshausen and President of the Bavarian Association of Judges, Andrea Titz, took part in the expert discussions as German expert.

The event was organised against the background of the recommendations of the Venice Commission to amend the disciplinary law for judges and public prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina in essential points. Therefore, the hosts wanted to learn about the respective provisions in Germany and their implementation in practice.