Prof. Dr. Anita Duraković, Professor in Family Law at the Faculty of Law at Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar, during her lecture
Prof. Dr. Anita Duraković, Professor in Family Law at the Faculty of Law at Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar, during her lecture
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The seventh “Family Law” day was held in Mostar on 26 and 27 September 2019. This year's theme for the international conference organised jointly by the IRZ and the Faculty of Law at the Džemal Bijedić University was “Human rights as the driving force behind the development of family law”. The event was aimed at lawyers from both universities in Mostar and at family law practitioners.

The following lectures were given at the conference:

  • Prof. Dr.Zoran Ponjavić (Kragujevac, Serbia): Family law, from institutions to contracts
  • Prof. Dr. Sc. Suzana Kraljić (Maribor, Slovenia): Age discrimination and family law: Examples from the areas of marriage, adoption and child custody in Slovenia
  • Dr. Sc. Mirjana Nadaždin (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina): The prevention of violence against women and in the family – the relationship between normative and social reality
  • Prof. Dr. Anita Duraković (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina): The influence of human rights on international family law
  • Prof. Dr. Larisa Velić/ lecturer Dr. Enis Omerović (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina): The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and its protocols, in particular with regards to the legal protection of the child’s assets and interests: Complete and effective protection of the child or incomplete and ineffective obligations of the contracting parties?
  • Prof. Dr. Darko Radić (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina): Improving the legal capacities of the child – a child’s right to freedom of speech and the capacity of a child to make legal decisions
  • Lecturer Dr. Slađana Aras Krama (Zagreb, Croatia): Some of the procedural aspects involved in granting parental responsibility for child custody to people with disabilities in Croatian law
  • Prof. Dr. Dušica Palačković (Kragujevac, Serbia): The determination of marriage, non-marriage and paternity and the rights of children to find out about their parents; the protection of children’s rights in civil law in court proceedings in the Republic of Serbia (is our legal system suitable for children?)
  • Prof. Dr. Nenad Hlača (Rijeka, Croatia): “Living apart together”
  • Lecturer Dr. Ajdin Huseinspahić (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina): Protecting the personal rights of the child in Bosnian-Herzegovinian law as a prerequisite for family protection
  • Dipl. Iur. Katja Drnovšek/ Dipl. Iur. Katja Markač Hrovatin (Maribor, Slovenia): From parental rights to parental responsibility: Developments in Slovenian family law

The lectures were met with great interest and discussed in detail by the participants. The welcome speech by the Minister for Education and Science for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prof. Dr. Elvira Dilberović, at the start of the conference and reports in the media (Mostar: Znanstveni skup o obiteljskom pravu) underline the importance of this event, which has now become a tradition.