Speakers: Nevenka Mitrić, Regional Court (Okružni sud) judge and lawyer Dr. Karolina Mihaljević Schultze (on the right).Speakers: Nevenka Mitrić, Regional Court (Okružni sud) judge and lawyer Dr. Karolina Mihaljević Schultze (on the right)

On 18 February 2016, the IRZ held a seminar on "Labour law with a special focus on mobbing" at the Judicial Training Centre in Banja Luka in the Republika Srpska. The event was based on the fact that labour law, which in practice is particularly significant, has to deal with the conflict between the conventions left over from the socialist era and the Manchester capitalistic conduct of some employers in the transition states of South-East Europe. At the same time, EU law also has a considerable influence here. The latter has led to the fact that in these states, judicial practice for new legislation often has to be developed first. Orientation towards German case law is a great help here, as it is with regards to legal certainty and the standardisation of case law.

The speakers at the seminar were Nevenka Mitrić, Regional Court (Okružni sud) judge in Banja Luka, and Berlin lawyer Dr. Karolina Mihaljević Schultze. The latter originally comes from Bosnia and wrote a thesis on the law of the region at Freie Universität Berlin. She gave her lecture in the local language. This meant that subsequent discussions could also take place without any language barriers and these were direct and particularly intense.

This seminar in Banja Luka is a good example of the meaningful use of bilingual speakers, who understand German law and that of the partner countries in equal measure. This allows the speaker's experience of German law and German legal practice, which can be directly applied thanks to comparable legal provisions, to be conveyed in a way that is targeted towards the audience.

Like those in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Judicial Training Centre in the Republika Srpska is a long-term project partner of the IRZ.