From 7 to 9 April 2016, the first regional conference to be held in cooperation with the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the relationship between the European Court of Human Rights and national constitutional courts took place in Sarajevo. The Presidents of the Constitutional Courts of Montenegro and Serbia, as well as other judges from their courts and from the Constitutional Court of Croatia also took part in the event. Speakers at the conference included judges from the participating regional constitutional courts, as well as the former judge at the German Federal Constitutional Court, Professor Dr. Udo Steiner, and the Bosnian-Herzegovinian judge at the ECHR, Faris Vehabovic. Another of the speakers was Professor Dr. Constance Grewe, who is an international judge from the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The wide range of subjects covered by the speakers meant that the event presented a broad variety of information. This and the involvement of Faris Vehabovic as a judge at the Strasbourg Court led to lively discussions and a comprehensive exchange of points of view.

The IRZ has been working intensively with constitutional courts in South-East Europe for many years. Following on from various regional conferences with the Constitutional Courts of Serbia and Montenegro, this conference was the first bilateral event organised between the IRZ and the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to ensure the sustainability of this activity and expand its circle of addressees, contributions to the conference will in future feature in the new "Constitutional Law Yearbook" published by the IRZ. Once again, this IRZ event received a lot of media attention. The public TV corporation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and various private broadcasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina and even in neighbouring Serbia reported on the conference.