Participants in the seminarParticipants in the seminar

The seminar on the "Protection of rights for mobbing and discrimination in labour law", organised by the IRZ alongside the organisation "Vasa Prava" (Your Rights), took place in Sarajevo on 8 June 2016. Vasa Prava is an organisation that is active nationwide and advises and represents people or group members who are particularly threatened by discrimination.

This is a very important subject in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the country’s ethnically diverse population. The event was held as a direct response to recent changes to the labour law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Participants from the business and academic worlds discussed problems with the application of new legal provisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The relevant German case law, which can serve as orientation and supporting argumentation for controversial cases, was also introduced.

As well as procedural topics, e.g. onus of proof and reverse onus, questions brought about by unclear legal regulations were also raised. One example of this is that the provisions of the new labour law, which is the more recent as well as the more specific law, are less favourable to protection against discrimination as the provisions of the general anti-discrimination law, which has existed for a long time already.

Practical groups of cases also came up, such as preferences shown by employers through nepotism to people belonging to a certain political party.

The IRZ has been working with Vasa Prava for almost a decade now.