The German delegation
The German delegation

In partnership with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its Law Academy, the IRZ organised a seminar on “Electronic evidence in criminal proceedings” in Astana on 19 November 2018. Since this subject is currently highly topical, around 90 people attended the event.

The IRZ was represented by three German speakers:

  • Senior Public Prosecutor Andreas May, head of the Centre for Combating Cyber Crime at the office of the Public Prosecutor General in Frankfurt/M, gave a lecture on the legal requirements for collecting evidence and using electronic evidence in criminal investigation and main proceedings.
  • Peter Jentsch, an investigator in the 31/2 (Internet Investigations) department at the Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigations, started by showing a short video on the initial attack and follow-up measures in connection with electronic technology. During his subsequent lecture, he went into detail on the potential for data backup during a search and on the prevention of data loss and data manipulation. Afterwards, the video was evaluated and discussed by the participants with the help of a questionnaire.
  • Regional court judge Jens Schiminowski, a researcher for the 4th criminal division of the German Federal Court of Justice, presented the courts of appeal in Germany and described the procedural requirements and investigation procedure during his lecture.

A follow-up event on the same subject is planned for next year.