Participants in the working group
Participants in the working group

The third working group meeting on the reform of the Moldovan code of criminal procedure was held in Chişinău on 20 February 2018 to discuss the planned changes.

The working group on the reform of the Moldovan code of criminal procedure is made up of:

  • judges
  • public prosecutors,
  • representatives of the Moldovan parliament and of its Parliamentary Committee and
  • lawyers.

The working group is led by Anatolie Munteanu, State Secretary General at the Ministry of Justice. To prepare for the meeting, a detailed guide to formulating the required changes to the investigation process was prepared by the Germans, based on the results of earlier talks. This included the following main points:

  • starting criminal investigations,
  • time limits for investigations,
  • preventative protection of fundamental rights,
  • cooperation with investigative magistrates,
  • judicial monitoring of criminal proceedings and
  • the status of persons who are the subject of criminal investigations.

The participants, who found the formulation guide to be extremely valuable, then discussed and subsequently adopted the proposals. The next step will be for the Ministry of Justice to incorporate the proposals into a submission to parliament for a legislative procedure. The plan is to present this submission to an interested audience of experts in April 2018 and to discuss it in public. The support of German experts was requested here as well.