On the occasion of the First World War Centenary the Foreign Offices of Germany and France invited a number of multipliers from the states of former Yugoslavia which are no EU members yet to visit major institutions of the two countries. The programme in Berlin, which took place in early November 2014, also included a visit to the local IRZ office where the IRZ presented its work funded by the Foreign Office with German funds for Southeast Europe. Many of the guests were already familiar with the IRZ's work in their home countries. Kosovo's Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Petrit Selime, for instance, pointed out the IRZ's support provided to the Kosovar Constitutional Court. Mr Nebojsa Kaludjerovic, the former Foreign Minister of Montenegro and current foreign policy adviser and NATO coordinator of the Prime Minister, thanked the State Secretary Michael Haußner, ret., for his commitment. He said that Mr Haußner supported his country as a long-term adviser to the Vice Premier and Minister of Justice, Mr Dusko Markovic, on behalf of the IRZ in its EU approximation process. There was a long discussion during the meeting about the importance of the work carried out to promote the rule of law during the transformation process of the states of Southeast Europe and the joint Continental - European roots of these partner states and Germany.

The IRZ event was followed by talks with State Minister Michael Roth in the Federal Foreign Office, the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Relations with the States of South-Eastern Europe and the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The expert delegation furthermore visited the German Bundestag and the Federal Foundation Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation. Then the group travelled to France where they were the guests of the French Foreign Office.