Brexit edition of “Европско право“ (Europarecht, or EP in short)
Brexit edition of “Европско право“ (Europarecht, or EP in short)

The latest edition of the Macedonian journal “Европско право“ (European law, or EP for short) on the consequences of Brexit is hot off the press. For six years now, the IRZ has been publishing this journal in cooperation with legal experts from the Faculty of Law in Skopje.

Single-topic edition provides insights into discussions abroad

The latest issue of this journal is a single-topic edition dealing with the history and the possible impacts of Brexit. This topic is covered by authors from various countries.

A large part of this edition consists of articles already published in foreign journals and printed as translations, which provide an insight into various questions discussed abroad and the different opinions held there, also to Macedonian readers without foreign language skills.

Strong support by various German journals

The broad range of articles is owed to the support of many individuals, editors of other publications and their publishers. Several of the translated papers are taken from the journal “Südosteuropa“ (Southeast Europe), which is published by the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies. Another article was first published in German in the journal "notar" issued by the German Association of Notaries (DNotV) and one paper, also in German, in "Recht der internationalen Wirtschaft“ (International Business Law, RIW).

Prominent authors

Prominent authors include, amongst others:

  • Erhard Busek, former Vice Chancellor of Austria and former coordinator of the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe,
  • Dr. Oliver Vossius, President of the German Association of Notaries, and
  • lawyer Dr. Thomas R. Klötzel, Stuttgart and Shanghai.

In addition, various experts for Southeast Europe have made a contribution to the publication: Andrea Despot, Hannes Granditis, Wolfgang Höpke, Dušan Relić, Gabriella Schubert and Sevasti Trubeta. John Breilly gives an account of the situation from a British point of view.

This look at the foreign legal press is preceded by an introductory article from a Macedonian point of view by Dr. Julija Brsakoska Bazerkoska. The picture is rounded off by a report covering the event “Southeast Europe between expectation and disenchantment” organised by the Southeast Europe Association.

Website reaches a wider audience

The printed version of EP is distributed via the IRZ’s wide network in Macedonia which has developed over more than a decade. To increase its reach and sustainability, this publication of the IRZ’s Southeast Europe section has its own website.

It provides the EP journal, but also the different individual articles and abstracts in German for download.

EP is edited by Dr. Aleksandar Spasov, Faculty of Law in Skopje, and Dr. Stefan Pürner, IRZ.