The Director of the Law Academy, Aneta Arnaudovska, greeting the participants.  To her right: Ambassador Thomas Gerberich
The Director of the Law Academy, Aneta Arnaudovska, greeting the participants. To her right: Ambassador Thomas Gerberich

The IRZ has been appointed by the German Federal Foreign Office (AA) to lead the “Supporting young legal talent in Macedonia” project. Within this framework, young Macedonian judges and public prosecutors will learn about German law and the way their German colleagues work during a working visit to Germany.

Before being allowed to take part in this trip, prospective participants must pass an exam at the end of a three-day introductory course in German law, which was held from 27 to 29 November in Skopje.

This introductory course was designed to underline the differences between Germany and Macedonia, both in terms of the law in its written form and legal practice. As well as legal regulations, such as provisional enforceability and the institution of the German Rechtspfleger (judicial officer), the active management of German civil proceedings by judges was also one of the subjects of discussion. The exam consisted of an oral test and a written paper, which had to be taken anonymously by seat number – something that is unusual in Macedonia.

At the end of the event, speeches were made by the German Ambassador, Thomas Gerberich, and by the Director of the Macedonian Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors, Judge Aneta Arnaudovska. The latter emphasised the successful cooperation with the IRZ since the Academy was first set up eleven years ago, which she credited with excellent results.

Ambassador Gerberich pointed out that the German and Macedonian legal systems both fall under continental European law and have already been harmonised with EU law. This makes the German system of particular interest to Macedonian law professionals. He also said that the measures are coming at the right time, since they are taking place at the beginning of the legal reform planned by the new government.

The leading Macedonian legal online portal “” also reported extensively on the event, which was the first of its kind. The report pointed out the main difference between Germany and Macedonia, which is that in Germany judges are assessed above all for their social expertise.

Following the working visit to Germany by the young law professionals, which is planned for the first quarter of 2018, a debriefing seminar will take place in Macedonia, during which the event will be assessed. During this seminar, they will also work out which ideas could be implemented by the participants in their own practices.