North Macedonia

Since reforms are planned in the areas of substantive criminal law and criminal procedure law in North Macedonia and the IRZ wants to support this process with various measures for supporting legislation, it has now published translations of the German Criminal Code and the German Code of Criminal Procedure in book form. Each translation is introduced by an expert in criminal law and Eastern European law.

The introduction to the translation of the German Criminal Code was written by Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Friedrich-Christian Schroeder, Scientific Director at the Munich Institute for Eastern European Law based in Regensburg. The introduction to the translation of the German Code of Criminal Procedure was written by Dr. Ulrike Phieler-Mohrbach, currently a presiding judge at the Regional Court of Potsdam and formerly an assistant working for the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Eastern European Law at the University of Regensburg.

With the publication of translations of relevant German legal texts, the IRZ wants to reinforce the role played by German law in guiding legal transformation, as well as address those law professionals in the relevant partner country who are not directly involved in the development of draft legislation.

Minister of Justice expresses her thanks for successful support with legislation

The IRZ is providing extremely intensive support for the judicial reform process in North Macedonia. Some time ago now, IRZ experts gave various opinions on the draft texts for a new Regulatory Offences Act and on changes to the Rules of the Administrative Courts and the Law on Courts, which were largely taken into account in the new legal provisions. Minister of Justice Prof. Dr. Renata Deskosoka has written a long letter to thank the IRZ experts for their support.