In consultation with the funding authority the cooperation with the Russian Federation is suspended until further notice.

From 11 to 13 December 2017 the IRZ held a working visit for a high-ranking delegation from the Russian Federation (RF) in Munich. The Lawyers’ Association of the Russian Federation organised the visit, inviting high-ranking representatives from different organisations and authorities in the RF to discuss the specifics of German commercial and civil law. The following persons took part in the visit:

  • Sabir Kekhlerov, Advisor to the Prosecutor General of the RF, former Deputy Prosecutor General of the RF;
  • Denis Novak, Deputy Minister of Justice of the RF;
  • Igor Savenko, Deputy Director of the Federal Bailiffs Service of the RF;
  • Evgeny Budyakov, Board Member of the Lawyers’ Association of the RF;
  • Georgi Danilov, Deputy President of the Intellectual Property Court of the RF;
  • Ramziya Khatypova, Judge at the Judicial Chamber on Economic Disputes at the Supreme Court of the RF;
  • Lubov Kiriy, Deputy Director General of Rospatent (Federal Service for Intellectual Property);
  • Dmitry Kutafin, Prorector for International Cooperation at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University;
  • Alexey Petrov, Chairman of the Foundation for the Development of the Lawyers' Association of the RF;
  • Dmitry Rozhkov, International Department of the Lawyers’ Association of the RF;
  • Gennady Sharov, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the RF; and
  • Igor Shurygin, Deputy Director of the Central Office of the Federal Registration Chamber at Rosreestr (Federal Registration Service)
Since the Russian guests had various focuses of interest the topics of the expert talks were very diverse. At the Federal Patent Court and the German Patent and Trademark Office they not only discussed issues of patent and trademark law, but also the specifics of trademark protection and the protection of intellectual property, trademarks in general and the trademark procedure at the DPMA.

At the Local Court of Munich, which acts as the court having jurisdiction over enforcement of titled claims, in particular auctions by court order and compulsory administration of real estate, the following issues were discussed in more detail:

  • requirements for the registration of a legal person;
  • entry of the rights to real estate in the land register;
  • criminal liability of legal persons and
  • the auction of real estate by court order.

Apart from these responsibilities of the Local Court, the delegation also had the opportunity to visit the land registry office and the Registration Court of the Local Court of Munich. Here, the company law procedures and matters of the Commercial Register were met with very great interest.

During the meeting with the Office of the Public Prosecutor General of Munich, in which, amongst others, Andreas Wimmer, Deputy Director and leading Senior Public Prosecutor at the Office of the Public Prosecutor General of Munich, participated, the professional law procedures concerning lawyers and the criminal liability of legal persons were discussed.

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the Bavarian Ministry of Justice where they collected information about the role and tasks of the Ministry.

Throughout the visit the German organisers were able to ensure the reception of the high-ranking delegation with regard to protocol, in particular the reception of the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, Denis Novak, by the Bavarian Minister of Justice, Prof. Dr. Winfried Bausback.

The Russian guests appreciated the opportunity for an intense expert exchange with their German colleagues.

The working visit in Munich was a great success for the delegation, so that they hope to continue the cooperation in the future.