In consultation with the funding authority the cooperation with the Russian Federation is suspended until further notice.

4th German-Russian Lawyers‘ Forum in Berlin: delegation with the Presidents of the Russian Chamber of Lawyers
4th German-Russian Lawyers‘ Forum in Berlin: delegation with the Presidents of the Russian Chamber of Lawyers

Strategic Framework

Legal Policy Starting Point

The public policy situation has barely changed compared to recent years. Political tensions were exacerbated by the conflict around the Black Sea toward the end of the year. It is therefore all the more important to maintain dialogue at technical level. Not only does this apply to cultural and educational exchange during a thematic year, which has been extended until 2020, it is also true of the area of law. Here, for instance, there was a resumption of German-Russian cooperation in security issues. Chaired by Vladimir Titov, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, and Andreas Michaelis, State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office, the thirteenth plenary meeting of the German-Russian High-Level Working Group on Security Policy was held in Berlin in November, the first of its kind after a six-year hiatus.

Overall Concept

As in previous years, cooperation focused on civil and commercial law, especially the area of patent and trademark law, as well as on support in the development of local self-administration. Cooperation in the area of local self-administration took place in line with the “GermanRussian Year of Municipal and Regional Partnerships 2017/2018“, which was funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

Particular attention was paid during the reporting year to the issue of digitisation, which, in view of its considerable significance, was examined from the perspective of its implications for criminal law, commercial activities and civil law.

Moreover, another pleasing aspect is the cooperation with the School of Private Law, where a German language course was offered for young legal professionals. The participating students had the opportunity to put their newly acquired or improved language skills to the test during the “IRZ Summer School on German Law“. Cooperation also continued with students at the Law Academy.

A funding by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection funds the cooperation with the Russian Federation; additional resources are obtained within the framework on the initiative on legal cooperation by The Federal Foreign Office.

Foci of Activity in 2018

Civil and Commercial Law

  • Seminar in Moscow on the role and basic training of patent lawyers
  • Beck-online access for members of the Russian Presidential School of Private Law in Moscow
  • Contribution to a conference on the topic of “Collective legal protection in civil proceedings” in St. Petersburg during the German Week
  • Attendance of the VIIIth St. Petersburg International Legal Forum by delegates from the IRZ
  • International conference on the topic of “Digital economy and information security: legal aspects“ in Moscow
  • 14th international scientific and practical conference “Derzhavin Readings“ on the issue of “IT in law and legal conditions for the development of the digital economy in Russia“ in Kazan
  • Working visit by patent lawyers on the issue of “Protection of geographic indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and food“ in Munich
  • Study trip to Hamburg by a high-level delegation on the issues of tax law, insolvency law and intellectual property

Criminal Law and Penitentiary Law

  • International scientific and practical conference “Theoretical and practical problems in the development of the penitentiary system in the Russian Federation and abroad“ in Ryazan

Public Law

  • International scientific and practical conference “Energy policies from the perspective of international law“ in Kaliningrad
  • 5th International Forum by the Union of Russian Cities “Best practices in local self-administration“ in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • International forum “North Caucasus: regional development and human capital“ in Pyatigorsk
  • Seminar in Moscow on local self-administration
  • Conference on the topics of “New challenges facing local self-administration“ in Vladimir
  • Study trip to Hamburg, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein by Russian local government experts on the topic of “Organisation of local selfadministration in city states and neighbouring federal states“

Administration of Justice

  • Support during the German-Russian-Ukrainian-Belarus Lawyers‘ Forum in Berlin
  • IXth international scientific and practical conference on the enforcement of judicial decisions and decisions by other authorities entitled “State and private sector enforcement: comparative analysis and best practice“ in Sochi
  • Event on the laws governing the legal profession “Penalties for violations of laws governing the legal profession in Germany and the Russian Federation“ in Moscow
  • 4th German-Russian Lawyers‘ Forum “Professional laws and criminal defence in Germany and the Russian Federation“ in Berlin

Basic and Further Training

  • Language course “Translation of German legal texts“ for Russian lawyers at the Russian School of Private Law in Moscow
  • Attendance by Russian participants of the eighth “IRZ Summer School on German Law“ in Bonn
  • Participation in the IRZ internship programme for lawyers


Cooperation is scheduled to be intensively continued in 2019, despite some challenges. Civil and commercial law, law of lawyers and notary law continue to be important legal areas. Moreover, a focus will remain on improving the efficiency of enforcement and strengthening local self-administration. Basic and further training measures in other legal areas will continue as well.