In consultation with the funding authority the cooperation with the Russian Federation is suspended until further notice.

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The participants of the conference "The Russian Judiciary and the Russian Court System" in Wustrau from 9 to 13 June 2014

From 9 to 13 June 2014, the IRZ organised the fifth conference on the topic of "The Russian Judiciary and the Court System" in the Wustrau conference centre of the German Judicial Academy in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and European Affairs of Saxony.

The delegation consisted of representatives of various legal professions and fields of expertise, among them Prof. Dr. Tamara Morshchakova, Deputy President of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, ret., Prof. Dr. Dmitry Fursov, Deputy President of the Commercial Court of the Moscow Region, ret., Prof. Dr. Alexander Khaliulin, Head of Institute/Academy of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, and Mr Alexandr Gukanov, lawyer specialising in criminal defence in Sankt Petersburg. The Russian presenters gave the German participants a detailed insight into the Russian legal system, current problems and reforms.

The conference participants also made much use of the opportunity to exchange opinions with the presenters after their presentations and to learn as much as possible about the Russian legal system.

Besides the Russian presenters German experts reported about their practical German-Russian experience. Hence, the participants had the opportunity to consider different approaches and concepts in the discussions.

The conference has become a well-established event. Inspired by the positive response both by the presenters and the participants, the IRZ will continue the successful series of conferences in cooperation with the State Ministry of Justice and European Affairs of Saxony.