In consultation with the funding authority the cooperation with the Russian Federation is suspended until further notice.

The IRZ experts Dr. Lauren Schweizer (left) and Dr. Soizic Grote from the law firm Cohaus & Florack participated in the conference with presentations
The IRZ experts Dr. Lauren Schweizer (left) and Dr. Soizic Grote from the law firm Cohaus & Florack participated in the conference with presentations
Russian Federation

From 9 to 13 November 2021, the international theoretical and practical online conference on "Intellectual Property Rights: Challenges of the XXI Century" was held in Tomsk. Within the framework of project funding by the Federal Foreign Office, IRZ supported the University of Tomsk, among other things, by acquiring German experts to organize the conference. 

Over a period of five days, speakers from Russia, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the United States and the United Kingdom gave presentations on intellectual property and shared their experiences with each other and with the participants. 

More than 1,300 patent attorneys, lawyers, scientists and students from 16 countries participated in the event.

The first day of the conference started with a plenary session followed by a discussion on "Antitrust Immunities and the Problem of Regulation of Digital Platforms", which was attended, among others, by the Deputy Head of the Department for Control of Advertising and Unfair Competition of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Yana Sklyarova. The Federal Antimonopoly Service is the Russian equivalent of the Federal Cartel Office. 

The subsequent days focused on the following topics:

  • 10 November - copyright law
  • 11 November - patent law
  • 12 November - trademarks
  • 13 November - law of new technologies

The main task of IRZ was to participate in the plenary session on 9 November and in a round table on “patent law” on November 11. 

At the plenary session, Carsten Haase, a judge at the Düsseldorf District Court, acted as the German expert. In his presentation on "Patent Litigation in Germany," he outlined, among other things, the structure of the German system for patent litigation and, in this context, explained the three main types of infringement proceedings.

Patent attorneys Dr. Soizic Grote and Dr. Lauren Schweizer of the law firm Cohaus & Florack participated in the round table on "Patent Law" and reported, among other things, on patent litigation in Germany and before the Unified Patent Court (UPC), which is responsible for questions of infringement and validity of unitary and European patents.

After each presentation, a lively discussion took place. The online participants actively participated by asking questions in the Youtube chat, which were answered by the experts.

The well-attended online conference fully achieved its objectives of providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and contributing to the popularisation of the topic of “intellectual property”.