On 17 June 2015 the IRZ and the Law Academy organized the conference "Special features of the application of the law and acts with regard to legal entities taking account of the present economic conditions in Germany and Russia" which was held at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The event was organized in the context of the "Promotion of legal cooperation in the Russian Federation" project funded by the Federal Foreign Ministry.

The Russian speakers gave accounts of the latest developments in legislation within the field of company law, in particular the new legal forms of legal entities. They also addressed problems arising from the application of the new legislation and the legal status of selected legal forms of legal entities, such as the general partnership. Another issue that was discussed were the options for strengthening the development of a social economy by means of amendments in the area of company law.

The German contributors discussed the situation in Germany and in particular the differences between German and Russian company law, individual legal forms and maintenance of and public trust in a commercial register.

They also dealt with safeguarding loans in case of bilateral contracts, in particular the question of what means are available to foreign entrepreneurs (e.g. reservation of title) to protect themselves when concluding supply contracts with Russian companies.