For the third time now, the Masters course on European Integration of the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade and the IRZ organised a study visit to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Karlsruhe and Brussels from 4 to 7 July 2016. The 15 participating students were accompanied by two lecturers and completed an extensive visitor programme of the following institutions:

  • Council of Europe,
  • German Federal Constitutional Court,
  • European Court of Justice,
  • European Commission and
  • European Parliament.

They had many opportunities for direct personal talks, e.g. with the Serbian Judge at the ECtHR Branko Lubarda and the Head of the Serbian Mission to the EU, Ambassador Duško Lopandic. Moreover, the attendance at a court hearing at the Strasbourg Court was part of the programme.

Many aspects, which the students had already known in theory from their lectures, now gained an illuminating practical dimension. The insights they gained will not only motivate the students to study the particular subjects in more detail, but will also considerably help them understand the subject matter.