Round table on 7th December 2017, at the University of Niš, Faculty of Law
Round table on 7th December 2017, at the University of Niš, Faculty of Law

On 7th December 2017, our twinning team organised in partnership with the University of Niš, Faculty of Law, a round table on the subject: “Incarceration versus Alternative Sanctions - Building awareness of better social reinsertion of the former prisoners”.

The event took place at the University of Niš and the participants comprised judges, prosecutors, representatives of the municipality and social services, members of non-governmental organizations and specialists from the Administration for Enforcement of Penal Sanctions, our experts from Germany and University professors.

This event was part of an activity within the EU Twinning project: “Improving capacities and capabilities within the prison system in the Republic of Serbia”, that focuses on the preparation of recommendations on the most effective post-release arrangements, including instruments for social integration of the persons leaving penitentiary. The purpose was to raise awareness and to involve the civil society in regard to the challenges faced by the former prisoners in the process of the preparation for release and transition to a decent life in freedom.

The debates were focused on sharing the best practices in the area of post release arrangements performed in the Republic of Serbia and in the EU Member States. The conclusions of the round table will be used to enhance the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates by promoting more activities in correctional institutions focused on the real needs of the inmates.

The main objective of the 18-month long Twinning project is to strengthen capacities for training, education and employment of convicted persons and to improve living and working conditions within the prison system in the Republic of Serbia. The project is dedicated to the improvement of organizational and technical capacities of the Centre for Training and Vocational Education in Niš for further preparation and delivery of training programmes for the staff employed within the system of enforcement of penitentiary sanctions.

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