Lawyer Korinna von Trotha, Head of the Berlin office of the DIS
Lawyer Korinna von Trotha, Head of the Berlin office of the DIS

On 5 December 2018, the annual conference on current arbitration issues was held jointly by the German Arbitration Institute (DIS), the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) and the IRZ in Belgrade.

At the opening ceremony, Martin Knapp, Managing Director of the AHK in Serbia, emphasised the traditional nature of this joint event. The representative from the German Embassy, Matthias Schikorski, said in his opening speech that events such as this also contribute towards promoting Germany as a place of arbitration.

This was followed by more speeches:

  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Pavić (Vice-President of the Permanent Court of Commercial Arbitration at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce): Costs of arbitration proceedings
  • Lawyer Korinna von Trotha (Head of the Berlin office of the DIS): New rules of procedure at the DIS;
  • Former Minister of Justice Prof. Dr. Tibor Varady: Who can be an arbitrator these days?

Since the majority of the participants had experience of arbitration proceedings, the discussions following each of the lectures were extremely lively and covered, as well as the lectures themselves, the presentation of many practical cases.

With regards to the new arbitration rules at the DIS, it was agreed that these make a significant contribution towards making arbitration proceedings according to DIS rules even more appealing.