Strategic Framework 

Legal Policy Starting Point 

Tajikistan remains under autocratic rule, with all political and economic decisions made by the highest echelons of the state. Without an opposition or independent media, the party of President Emomali Rahmon unsurprisingly emerged victorious from the parliamentary elections in spring 2020. This trend continued in the presidential elections. Rahmon was confirmed in office for another seven years, making him the longest-serving president in a post-Soviet state.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe economic impact on Tajik society in that the number of migrant workers has fallen by 60 %, resulting in a significant decrease in remittances (money transferred home by migrants). Government policies were regrettably preoccupied with expanding power and measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which left little room for amendments to the Tajik legal system and other reforms in the judicial field.

Overall Concept 

IRZ has primarily provided advice on international commercial arbitration in recent years. In the reporting year, IRZ experts cooperated with a working group of Tajik experts on clarifications for the draft law on international commercial arbitration. It has already been passed by the government and can therefore be submitted to parliament. This procedure was delayed by restrictions associated with the pandemic, but is expected to take place this year.

Focus of Activity in 2020 

Civil and Commercial Law 

  • Comments on the draft law on international commercial arbitration for the presidential administration


Work on the draft law is complete. A decision was therefore reached in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection to discontinue cooperation with Tajikistan in the interest of focusing and consolidating foreign judicial policy.