Länderbericht Tadschikistan 2014Seminar on the law on investment and on arbitration in Dushanbe with Rustam Mengliev, Minister of Justice of Tadjikistan (right)

Strategic framework

Legal policy starting point

The country’s legal policy and economic situation has hardly changed since the presidential elections which took place in 2013 despite the fact that many posts were re-occupied with restructuring in many areas, and is typified by stagnation. The implementation of desirable reform projects in the judiciary and court system is suffering from a lack of compliance with the principle of separation of powers and a lack of independence of organs of the administration of justice. Problems are moreover caused by strict hierarchical administrative structures, inadequately trained specialists and a lack of legal awareness.

Overall concept

The IRZ’s cooperation in Tajikistan concentrates on the Ministry of Justice. Cooperation has focused in recent years on comprehensive consultation on coercive execution, including accompanying statutes. The topics of legislative procedure and legislative technique have also been dealt with. Other topics were the law on investment and arbitration. Whilst the previous year’s event had placed the focus on the basics of the law on investment, and on investment protection agreements, the focus was placed in 2014 on proceedings before the international arbitration tribunals, which were illustrated using an example from practical work. There was considerable interest in this topic among the Tadjik attendees. As there was also support from the German Embassy and the KfW (Reconstruction Loan Corporation), it seems advisable to intensify cooperation in future.

Foci of activity in 2014

Constitutional law / human rights and their enforceability

  • Attendance by experts from the IRZ at the international conference in Dushanbe on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Tadjik Constitution

Civil and commercial law

  • Seminar in Dushanbe on investment protection law and arbitration jurisdiction


The IRZ will be continuing its cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in 2015.