Expert discussions on municipal law were held in Lviv from 7 to 9 December, led by IRZ expert Dr. Hendrik Hoppenstedt, member of the German Bundestag (MdB) and member of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Consumer Protection of the German Bundestag. The event, which was organised by the IRZ, handled issues concerning municipal law and changes to the constitution regarding plans for decentralisation.

Following an opening lecture by Dr. Hoppenstedt on "The federal structure of the German Constitutional law: strengths and weaknesses", the first day of the event at the National Ivan Franko University continued with talks with the Dean of the law faculty and the Vice-President of the university, as well as with participants from the IRZ supplementary course on German law.

The second day was devoted to expert discussions with local parliamentarians. Dr. Hoppenstedt was a guest at a round table with community representatives from the city of Lviv and from various communities in the region. In connection with the current draft changes to the Ukrainian constitution involving decentralisation, the current organisation of municipal services and the issue of administrative services as a whole were discussed.

To look further into this issue, IRZ expert Dr. Hoppenstedt went on to meet the Chairman of the Lviv City Council, Anatolij Zabarylo, and the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council of Lviv, Volodymyr Hirnjak, both of whom took up their posts after the recent municipal elections.