From 21 to 24 June 2016, a delegation from the Constitutional Court of Ukraine attended expert talks in Berlin by invitation of the IRZ. The delegation was made up of three Constitutional Judges and the administrative head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

The discussions involved Dr. Dieter Hömig, a former judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, and Dr. Matthias Hartwig from the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, and dealt with the relationship between constitutional courts and legislators, as well as the relationship between constitutional courts and European or supranational courts. Another important topic was the constitutional reform currently taking place in Ukraine.

The part of the constitutional reform relating to justice was adopted as recently as 2 June 2016. This provides, amongst other things, for the introduction of individual constitutional complaints, which can be perceived as a significant step in the development of the rule of law in Ukraine.

The discussions with German experts were aimed at deliberating which changes to the law on the functioning of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine are made necessary by the introduction of this legal institution, how the Constitutional Court can process the expected constitutional complaints as effectively as possible, etc. Representatives of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court had already discussed this topic with the IRZ in Bonn in December last year, when the changes to the constitution were still in the draft stage, enabling them to prepare for these changes as far in advance as possible. These expert discussions are to be expanded further with three other constitutional judges, since the reform is now taking shape.