On 21 and 22 April, the international conference “Proportionality and legal certainty in insurance law” took place in Palić, Serbia. The event was jointly organised by the Association for Insurance Law of Serbia and the Association of Serbian Insurers on the one hand, and the IRZ and the German Insurance Association (GDV) on the other.

The programme of this traditional conference included presentations by insurance experts from the following eight countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Malta, the host country Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

As Serbia is preparing a new codification of its insurance and insurance contract law as part of the drafting of a future civil law, the different presentations and notes dealing with comparative law, in particular, met with great interest. These presentations, as well as the presentations by the lecturers from Southeastern Europe, focused on the German and Austrian insurance law.

The German lecturers were Frank Jungermann, Judge at the Higher Regional Court of Hamm, and Stefan Lösch, GDV, whose presentations on the German case law and on consumer protection were each followed by questions from interested participants.